Out of the dust

From whence I came

Thither I shall return

Crushed beneath the hands of the Almighty

Broken into pieces, and reduced to

Mere specks to join the millions of the redness of the clay

The whiteness of the sands of the seashore

No more shall I raise my head to be counted among the living

No, my place shall be with them that dwell in the sepulcher

Shut out forever from the brightness and light of the sun

Forever, shall I dwell in the darkness of the abyss.

2 thoughts on “Crushed

  1. *shuddering* Thanks Topazo for brightening my day with this frightening piece that seeks to remind me of the inevitability of all human beings; of which I happen to be one. Hopefully, we shall not dwell in the darkness of the abyss forever, but in the magnificent mansion that the Son of God has gone forth to prepare for us. Frighteningly magnificent piece, great job! LOL!


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