Blood is thicker than water
But yours is thicker than most
It runs in my vein
And binds me to you.
It makes me come alive
And binds me to you till death
It is exhilarating and intoxicating
And for once makes me think clearly and soberly
It keeps me awake
And fills my dreams at night
It makes me giddy with joy
And makes with quake with fear
So I run
It is a run for life and not from it
I pursue this feeling that infuses me with life
I refrain from heeding the voice of reason
There is no life without you
The pain is the pleasure
The sweat is the savour
And to lose life is to find you
So I lay it down to pick it up
I lose it all to gain it back
For with you nothing is as it seems
You went down to ascend
You died to live forever
You went up to come down
You are a mass of contradictions
Making no sense but absolutely right
And I know I am crazy but perfectly sane
In forfeiting pleasures and contentment of the now
For the pursuit of happiness and joy of the hereafter
Having no assurance but fully believing
Not having seen but fully convinced
For faith is the absence of logical thought
It is foolishness and yet it is wisdom
The way up is down
To live I must die
To be great, I must serve
To gain it all I must give it all up.
This is life at its fullest
This is Eternal Life


4 thoughts on “Contradictions

  1. Wow! The Christian race is one that’s wondrously filled with contradictions. The things we see are temporal and the unseen, eternal. This defines the awesomeness of our God, whose ways and thoughts are so far off from ours. Thus, the contradictions. Thumbs up for this wow piece.


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