Friend Zoned

It is quiet all around me
But there is a roaring inferno within
You are miles away, oblivious of me
Yet you are here, plaguing my every thoughts
You are in bliss
I am in torment
I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I am angry all the time
And have become a bad company
I am in love with you
And it is killing me
Because it is an impossible love
One that is unattainable
Because you are pledged to another
Betrothed to one that is far luckier than I
All I have is my love
And my tears
And the emptiness of my life
Without you
And the hollow chamber
Where my heart used to be.

friend zone1

I walk away from you
But all I want to do is to
Hold you in my arms
And feel your warmth
And inhale your scent
That has been burned deeply into
My brain
I hold your arms in a shake
When all I want is to draw you
Close in a lover’s embrace
And feel you pressed to me
And hear the thumping of your heart
Beating in tandem with mine
I feel my skin itch
For your touch and
I sigh because when I look around
All I see is your absence
Made more unbearable by
The lingering scent of you
In the air
I smile, when all I want to do
Is scream in agony
At the pain that has taken hold
Of me and wouldn’t let go.
I am a mess,
Can’t you see?
I am just struggling to hold it
But only you
Can fix me
But you can’t
Because you belong to another.


12 thoughts on “Friend Zoned

  1. *sighs* Friend zone, the dreaded zone where noone wants to be caught dead in. A horrible place to be, I tell ya. Doc, you did a terrific job of capturing this infamous zone in this sizzling and touching masterpiece. A zone that resonates with a lot of peeps and one that a lot can very easily relate to being in.

    A great and beautifully executed masterpiece. Plenty kudos you, Doc. You just keep knocking my socks off! ROTFLMAO!


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