Midnight Dreams

The sun streams through
The open windows,
My eyes flutter open,
A smile playing on my lips
Fizzles and fades as reality sets in.

midnight dream 1

A sigh escapes from my
Aching heart;
You were just here,
I can still smell you,
See your smile,
Feel your touch.

midnight dream

It was so real,
The emotions that coursed through me;
We were running around,
Holding hands,
Bumping shoulders
And all over each other.

Why did you run away?
Leaving me bereft
Finding happiness only in the
Where you are mine.

midnight dream2

Waking up miserable,
Shutting my eyes forcefully
Trying to return to sleep
To dwell in the realm of
Bliss, by your side
And never to wake up


6 thoughts on “Midnight Dreams

  1. Midnight dreams is a pretty magical, dreamy and enchanting piece. Has this magical magnetic appeal, a breathtaker; one in which its soooo easy to just lose oneself in, in careless abandon. That last verse had me tearing up just a little, ‘to dwell in the realm of bliss, by your side; never to wake up’. Wow! Very sad and deeply touching verging on tragic! *sighs deeply*.

    Doc, you’ve perfected the art of composing pieces that are so heavily ladened with sadness and heart breaks. This reeks of magnificence extraordinaire. Your poems knocks me off of my feet, ALWAYZ! Well done, double thumbs up! LOL!


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