If you leave now,
It will be like
Ripping my innards and
Leaving a gaping wound;
If you leave me,
It will be better
If my breath expire
And my life be over with.


I have become one
With you;
I need you to be me
I have ceased to be
An entity;
I don’t know
Who I am
Without you;
I define myself by you.

Don't leave me...it's me remember?
Don’t leave me…it’s me remember?

If you leave me,
I will cease to exist;
Alive but soulless,
A zombie;
Lost and purposeless
Adrift and without
I am nothing without you,
You are my everything.



DP challenge : #If you leave


footnote: “I will never leave you nor forsake you” – GOD

8 thoughts on “Zombie

  1. Totally relying or putting one’s whole trust and confidence in man’s vanity plus, one will just be setting oneself up for MAJOR disaster, that one’s less likely to recover from in a pretty long time. Human beings are wired to disappoint but The Almighty God will NEVER disappoint. Topazo, I hook up to your blog when I feel like getting inspired as I said to you once before but you know something else, whenever I’m looking to curl up in a corner, have me a good cry and wallow in self pity, I also come here, as I’m sure to find a lotta pieces that are sure to bring tears to my eyes, without sweating it. How’s that for morale for ya? That’s a food for thought! ROTFLMAO!

    Wow Doc, the careful use of words in this piece is banging! A very touching piece, drew a few sighs as I read along. I can’t reiterate it enough, these illustrations of yours are the cherry atop the pudding. They bring your poems alive in living colours. A brilliant job you did here and me likey a lot! *laughing*


      1. Morale killer ke? But you’re the self-proclaimed ‘heart break specialist’ nah? And you should be very proud, I mean, what exactly were you expecting after writing all those solemn pieces? A happy dappy dance of twist and shout? I think not! More ink to your pen o jare, keep bringing ’em!


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