Dance with me

come dance with me
come dance with me

Dance with me
One more time
Before I go into the
Hands of the one
I am bound to
For life

dance with me5
hold me tight

Hold me tight
Let me believe
Throughout this dance
That you are mine
And that you will
Never let go

dance with me
sway with me
dance with me3
mold to me


Sway with me
Lose yourself in
My arms
Mold with me
Be one with me
Let’s glide and dance with
Our hearts.

dance with me2
close your eyes…see us dancing for a lifetime

Close your eyes
Picture another place
Another time
Picture us
Having this dance for
A lifetime

married to one, in love with another

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44 thoughts on “Dance with me

  1. *sighs heavily* Oh Lordy! We’re right back where we started! Nice Doc, real NICE! You fooled me for a bit, just a lil bit. Thought you’d turned over a new leaf. Bad News Brown! #smh#

    That first verse just dampened my spirit completely. On its heels comes the heart-sinking phrase ‘I danced with two people at my wedding, the one I married and the one I wished I married’. Like seriously? Where’s the happy ending in such a farce of a union? Misery and unfulfilment all the way, the perfect recipe for shady extra marital liaisons in pursuit of true fulfilment and happiness; except it’s end would be tragic. Sad! A woman’s, as well as a man’s belly’s; an ocean overflowing with very deep dark secrets’, who can fathom it?! Love the concept of dancing employed, very classy. You did ‘solemnly’ great, kudos! You leave me with no choice, even the stubbornness mules are known for, does not come close to yours. Not by a very long shot. *laughing*


            1. I am so glad you don’t share that sentiment! at least now I can quote you when defending myself when next I am branded ‘heartbreak specialist’


                    1. exactly! and to be in love is a good feeling. but when you are in love with someone that is unavailable…then it is like drowning, ! try to imagine what that’s like. can you?


                    2. true. because a part of you dies and you are hurting in places that you never knew existed. it is a feeling one should never experience…but the way you answered made me wonder if you have experienced such. have you?


                    3. Lol. Unfortunately, I have. Crazy stuff tho. I compare emotional pain to physical pain. Both can kill, dats why sum ppl cld commit suicide after begin jilted, and just as physical wounds heal over time, emotional wounds do too. I even feel both are d same just dat 1 is tangible, d oda aint. Sorry 4 my story


                    4. there is nothing to be sorry about. thanks for sharing. i agree with your theory too, emotional pain can be even more than physical pain and sometimes takes longer to heal.
                      i hope you have healed and have found love again? or healed and bidding your time before trusting another with your heart?


                    5. Lol. now you are being all slippery…
                      anyways, the most important thing is that you have healed…the ugly days of excruciating pain are over


                    6. Yes they are. I can’t say I completely lost love. Tho I lost the love of another human I wanted, I still always had Gods love. That’s what I mean.

                      PS: I’m not that slippery. Lool


                    7. oh, the blessing of the constant nature of God’s love! without it we would be lost and adrift…without hope…
                      our love for humans is mirrored after His love….

                      P.S you aren’t? you deftly ignored my question…lol


                    8. ah…mi o binu o…
                      you know that matters of the heart are very private and are at the core of our being…it is not something we can share with anybody…
                      i am extremely honored that you shared with me


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