You don’t fool me,

Can’t you see?

I see right through you

To the demon lurking behind

Your eyes as it lights up

In a smile;

The beast in you that yawns

Waiting to pounce and kill

As you pull me close for a hug.


When your mouth opens

I see the flickers of

Your serpentine tongue

As you spin the lies and

Craft the deceit,

Ready to strike;

I see the abyss that is your

Throat as you throw

Your head back and laugh.


You don’t fool me

One bit;

I am only bidding my time

Waiting patiently

Dangling the bait

Tightening the rope

Soon, it will fall

And catch you in

Your wiles.


DP Challenge: Brilliant Disguise

10 thoughts on “Vermin

  1. Wowzer! A brilliant piece on deceit, except that the deceiver’s been found out and he’s none the wiser. Nothing beats that feeling when tables are turned, where the hunter becomes the hunted. I adore this piece, Doc. And those illustrations tell stories of their own too. I absolutely love the choice of title too, ‘Vermin’. I salute your ingenuity at churning out beautiful poems, please do more. You have so much to give the world, do not hold back. I believe in you. *wink*.


  2. There’s something of the spider in this story. And the irony is, I get that feeling for the narrator as well as the object of the narration, as though the spider is both the one biding his time and not being fooled, as well as the deceitful one who is drawing the former in. Good one, buddy.


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