whisper…sweet nothings


Whisper to me
Sweet nothings
Let your breath
Tickle my neck
And make me giggle

giggle…pure delight


Rub my belly,
Make me wiggle
My toes in throes
Of ecstasy
And pure delight

hold me tight


Hold me tight
Through the night
And make me rest
My head on your chest
My dark and lovely knight.

my dark and lovely knight

4 thoughts on “Whisper

  1. Yayyyyy! A spectacular and very romantic happy dappy piece. Doc, notice how the whole blog comes alive. I love that first verse, A LOT, with the accompanying illustration. The ‘rub my belly’ part though…, that really got me cracking up, I mean, who does that? Its sooo old school for matured couples, my opinion. LMAO!


    1. really? the whole blog came alive? wow…now that is something..

      you know what they say about old school? it’s the best school! so go ye and do likewise….lol


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