I am wild with pleasure
At the pure bliss
That shines brilliantly,

Like the sun,
On your countenance
As you rush towards

Me, squealing in delight
And jump into
My eager hands

Longing to wrap you up
And shield you
From the evil out there;

And just the thought
That out there,
Where you must roam,

Is a monster
Lurking in the shadows,
Waiting patiently

To prey on your
Just drives me crazy.



DP Challenge: She drives me crazy

17 thoughts on “Prey

  1. A brilliant piece! Protectiveness and paranoia never looked so sweet and adorable! I wonder at this person’s paranoia and fear of the unknown though? A monster he hasn’t seen, and for all we know; one that may not even exist or even come anywhere close to his beloved. A figment of his imagination! Perhaps, he’s preyed on another’s beloved at some point in time and he fears his beloved might go through same in the hands of another? A case of a pricking conscience, yes? Kudos Doc, me likey plenty much. Lol!


    1. pricking conscience? figment of imagination?! preyed on another?!

      all this person needs is just to watch the news and the reality of the monster lurking in the shadows will be glaring…these fears are real…

      some healthy dose of paranoia is necessary for survival…the world is evil


      1. Healthy dose of paranoia? Sure! So long as you’re not going overboard, on the path to developing high blood pressure and hypertension; then its mighty fine by me. Lol!


            1. lol…and that is why I am asking you if you read it anywhere in the medical text of the link between paranoia and hypertension….

              let’s not launch into the jargons of the subject matter…

              there is nollywood and there is science…..


              1. Pls let’s launch into these ‘jargons’ biko. So a person who’s overly worried ’bout something does not stand a chance of developing HBP or hypertension? Do tell!


                1. let’s not…hypertension is a disease that results from breakdown of the body’s control of the diurnal variation of the blood pressure.

                  several factors (biological factors) interact to cause a loss of this control…moreso, hypertension has different subtypes and the causes are different for each subtypes..

                  discard the myths biko…the things worry will cause to you are different…


                  1. This is new! So worry and anxiety CANNOT cause HBP or hypertension. Ok o, I hear you. Thanks for the ‘miseducation’. Scratch that! Education, pardon me! *scoffing*


                    1. get to me? hell no! I have done my jod, which is to educate and emancipate from mental slavery and misinformation…yours is to take it or not. the choice is yours…

                      we are always cool…


                    2. Ose (soap) mehn! Topazo, na me be mental slavery ati misinformation abi beeko? Well done! Wa sere! Ki o mura sii o!


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