Path of the Past

the door to the past….what will you find?


If time was a door

That I could walk

Through to the past,

If I could go back

In time to the

Early years

And affect the future;

If I was given

A key to unlock

The gates of years

Gone by,

I wonder

If I would

Walk that path again.



The path to here,

Is fraught with puddles

Of tears shed,

Holes of falls and


Bumps erected by

Indecisions and fear

Of moving forward;

The pathways are windy

And crooked,

A journey of weariness,

Of aches and pains;

Chilly air with goose bumps

On quaking flesh;

Dark days

Of terror and trembling;

Wasted years of meandering

In the maze of folly.



Going back in time,

I see the scenes

Flashing back

And haunting me,

With wishes to

Go back and undo

The bad choices;

But if I do,

There are

Certain pleasures,

Memories and joys

That will go with it;

My today will

Be different,

But would the new today

Be desirable?

the past…that led to here
the past that will never be…



DP Challenge: If I could turn back time


5 thoughts on “Path of the Past

  1. Awww! A brilliantly composed piece of poetic writing! I love the concept of turning back the hands of time and undoing the past. However, I’m of the opinion that this is the best we can be. Our so-called mistakes and regrets of the past are geared towards making us better persons for the future, as there are lessons to be learnt from those errors; unless of course, we fail to learn the lessons we oughta. The ‘new today’ is that, in which we pick and dust ourselves up and take all in our strides to moving on to better things, far away from the shadows of the past. Afterall, we’re humans, mere mortals wont to errors, but once there’s life; then hope abounds to do exploits and to forestall against the mistakes of our past lives. Thanks for this Doc, great thinking!


    1. yes, the errors and mistakes are geared to making us a better person…that which we would like to undo will remove from the uniqueness of our journey….

      thanks for your lovely comments..i always look forward to them


  2. Okay, this is deep!!

    And it got me thinking too!

    To the last question, nah nah.

    Turning back the hands of time will definitely rub today of its pleasures.

    Looking back now, i think i should have or shouldn’t have done some things, some words shouldn’t have been left unsaid etc but do I regret these? I don’t think so.

    I think that’s why we have the gift of today though…

    Regret is not a feeling I like to fuel, I’d rather do something about my today. I really do not like the sound of, ‘coulda, woulda, should’…

    Kudos Mr, you definitely have a way with words. Beautiful, as always!!


    1. regrets only spoil the beauty of today…no matter how bad the past, it is not irreparable …even if it doesn’t turn out the way we planned it or the way others thought it should

      thanks for the compliments ma’am


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