shrouded in darkness...I wonder who you are...
shrouded in darkness…I wonder who you are…

Welcome to the

Inner sanctuary

Of my heart,

Where everything

Is chaotic;

Where order is foreign

And confusion is king.



Enter, pray don’t

Mind the raging emotions,

Nor the fiery temper;

Pay no heed to the

Howl of fear

And the wailing

Of insecurities.



You may get stung

By my insensitivity

Buzzing all around

The place,

Your heels may be

Buffeted by the

Indifference that litter

The floor.


Find a place,

Amidst the clutter of

My pains and aches

Strewn all over,

To sit;

And if you don’t mind

The bitterness stains,

Please do rest your back.


Stay, if the stink

Of my foul mouth

Doesn’t disgust you,

If the stench of

My rotten thoughts

Is not overwhelming

And if the sweltering

Heat of my passion

Do not suffocate you.

the mask is off...look into my heart and see me...know me
the mask is off…look into my heart and see me…know me


Only you

Know me,

See me,

Feel me;

The outward mien

Of calm and order

That they see

Amazes you.

are you for real?




How can such

Order proceed from

The chaos within?

How can such insanity

Birth soundness?

I am an enigma,

But for you, I strip


this is me…all of me…are you in or out?


all images courtesy: http://www.google.com


DP Challenge: Land of Confusion

15 thoughts on “Enigma

  1. Jeez! These words are so deep, toxic and arsenic yet soothing cos they’re honest and true, emanating from a place, devoid of masks and any such adornments. No pretences, all gloves are off! No matter how much of an enigma a person comes across as, there’s always at least one person who sees through the charade, to unmask such a fella. There’s a need to have a friend, a confidante, besides God; someone with whom we can just be ourselves, naked, no fronting or keeping up of appearances. A person who gets us and delights in us for the mere reason that we’re who we are, regardless of whatever flaws we have. ‘Monkey no fine, but hin mama like am’, that kinda thing. And usually, this said person’s a spouse, at least; its much safer that way. Lolzzzzzz!

    Wow Doc, another wonderful composition. May your fountain of wisdom never run dry IJN, Amen. You did terrific, so I say; ‘go on soun, no shakings, nothing dey happen’! LMAO!


    1. it is a blessing to find that one person whom you can be yourself with and who will accept you unconditionally……

      sadly, even one’s spouse may not be that person…but one should strive to make one’s spouse that person…

      thanks and Amen to your prayers.

      so, is this person your spouse?


      1. Yes he is. A fine man, he knows me through and through. With him, I’m an open book as in wide open. It helped that we were besties before taking our relationship to the next level, which is the way it oughta be. So, yeah; I married my friend first of all before my lover. I’m also blessed to have a few trusted friends I can bare my soul to, some I’ve only known for a short while but it feels like we’ve known ourselves for all of eternity. The chemistry’s just there and it feels right. So there you have it. Lol!


        1. I am so happy for you…you are indeed blessed.
          sometimes, it is not the length of time that we have known a person that matters but finding a kindred spirit…


  2. Wow…some powerful use of words, ‘the bitterness stains, don’t rest your back’ that’s a line I’ll remember for a long time.
    the use of the pictures is amazing.


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