This is me (Mirror Me)


I look into the mirror everyday

And stare at the person that

Looks back at me,

And wonder who it is that is reflected.

who do you see?
who do you see?


Sometimes, he would frown at me

At other times, he is unsure

Turning left and then right

And I wonder what he thinks of himself.



I wave at him sometimes,

His face lights up and he smiles

His eyes sparkle and the creases

Around his eyes make him gorgeous.


I stand daily in front of the mirror

And I wonder

What he thinks of me

As his eyes level on mine.



Does he see the amazing guy

Others say that I am?

Or does he see the struggles and fears

The insecurities and tears?



What does he think of my failings

Too numerous to count,

And my imperfections?

That look, is it disdain perhaps?


Sometimes he sighs

His eyes weary and tired

Sometimes, there is a hint of

Disapproval and reprimand.


there is hope!
there is hope!

Some days, he surprises me,

When I least expect,

Cheering me on with eyes

That say “you have hope”.


Express Yourself

20 thoughts on “This is me (Mirror Me)

  1. Intriguing… You’re using different prompts than me. I wrote a ‘golden shovel’ today…

    I really enjoyed both the words and the images.

    Does he see the amazing guy others say that I am… Especially resonated.


    1. thanks. I used the word press daily prompt “express yourself”

      sometimes other people say things about us that we find difficult to see or accept because of all the stuffs that is going on inside…


  2. Awww! I absolutely love this delightfully feel good piece, Doc; its the ‘bomb diggity’! Its also got me thinking deep and hard.

    Our eyes are the windows to our souls. The things we see are temporal, the unseen, eternal. When I look into the mirror, I see a beautiful, sweet and mighty compassionate person staring right back at me all so gleefully, with a smile and sometimes, a naughty smirk etched across her face. We only see what our eyes wanna see, so I’ve conditioned my mind to see what I wanna and I therefore work and pray hard towards becoming that which I aspire to see and to be. So Doc, I say to you, to make a bee-line for the nearest mirror you can find. ‘On your marks, get set, GO’! Peer, stare, gaze and look hard into that mirror, to behold that amazing person I see and that which you aspire to be and see. If you’re seeing wrongly, don’t be moved by that which you see. Instead, see who you wanna and be what you wanna, aspire, believe, work and pray towards it. Don’t stop, until you become that person you wanna see and be. Thanks for this extraordinary masterpiece, those illustrations too are sooo on point! Double thumbs up! Lolzzzz!


      1. If only optimism could be leased out or is perhaps, tangibly transferable…., I’d freely give of my wealth of supplies without batting an eyebrow. If only…..LMAO!


          1. Seriously? LWKMD! Even with my rich supplies of optimism, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’, will simply not fly this time around. It will not and cannot happen! Na beans?!


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