Deep blue eyes,

Set in an oval face;

Pale porcelain skin,

With a touch of red

At the cheeks.



Dark brown eyes,

With a well chiseled jaw;

Golden brown skin,

Tanned and taut,

With well-set lips.



A mile apart,

But near at heart;

Eyes misty but well alert,

Brightened by the ray of the sun

That is a smile that stops the time.

smile4 smile3

all images courtesy

DP Challenge: Make me smile

7 thoughts on “Smile

  1. This poem’s what I’d describe as beauty in simplicity! Simple yet loaded and very well put together. As I read along, I couldn’t help the smile playing around and about my lips, the poem’s achieved its aim of plastering a smile on my face. And the pictures are so appropriate and in line with the overall theme. You did great Doc, kudos! Lol!


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