Dear Friend

dear friend4

Hold me,

And never let go,

As I steadily grow.


Take my hand,

As I take baby steps,

Along the hilly steep.

dear friend


I have no fear,

Of the dog’s bark,

I know you have my back.


Carry me,

When I am tired,

Whisper ‘you have tried’

dear friend1

I feel safe,

In you I can confide,

Because you are my friend.

dear friend3 dear friend2


DP Challenge: Why can’t we be friends?

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2 thoughts on “Dear Friend

  1. This is a touching piece! He who’s got true friends is blessed! And that’s by no means an easy feat. Good friends are hard to find, if you’re lucky to recognise at least one sincere person, do not take such a person for granted, keep ’em! My best friends are my childhood friends, my lifelong friends. Doc, thanks for this beautiful piece.


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