My pen is dry
My mind is blank
A parched land in the desert




DP Challenge: time for poetry

16 thoughts on “Blank

  1. I see this piece and I ask myself, ‘is Topazo really having a bloc or perhaps this was borne out of the need to write something ’bout the subject’? So then, which is it Doc?! Strangely, this is refreshingly different and I find it very innovative and funny too and I just plain wonder, why? LMAO!


    1. I am trying my hands on new form of poetry, haiku. it is a short poem of three lines and uses imagery and all those other details that I am still struggling to grasp.

      at the time the poem was birthed, I was having a dry spell and I decided to write about it. yes, writers write, even when having a block!

      somehow, I like what I was able to conjure up….that word sounds mystical right? conjure….


      1. It sure does, as a certain someone I know. Even Kingsley of ‘Hard Voices’ referred to you as the ‘mythical’ Topazo, in his response to you on one of his posts, so I’m guessing that title fits you to a ‘tee’. Conjuring, concocting, you did great. Keep pushing forward and challenge yourself some more, the Lord’s your strength and I dey your back like ‘kilode gan’. LOL!


          1. I think you should. And I’m banking on it that he’s not half as evasive as you and lets up on what he actually means. Should be really interesting if he gives you a dose of your own medicine. Now, that would just make my day! *evil grin*. LMAO!


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