Love without walls

your face dissolves into the liquid crystal display and swims in my eyes
towards Brodmann’s area nineteen. somewhere deep in my prefrontal cortex, a thought is born: this is love without walls.

without form. generating action potentials, firing neurons, shooting voltage of pleasure down my spine
curling toes in delight.
love is a virulent

strain. overpowering T-cells and
humoral immunity, it leaves me defenseless, walls down.
in between us. only

a thin membrane
and orphan receptors
in spaces filled with

2 thoughts on “Love without walls

  1. Defenceless….walls down…. Yet we wouldn’t have it any other way. Or maybe we just can’t help ourselves.
    And it doesn’t stop at area 19. Love is all of that and more.
    Nice. Really nice.

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