The Book of Pain by Tope Ogundare

Dear Readers,

Here is a review of my poetry collection “The Book of Pain”. Thanks to Lady B and Mo for the honest review.

Kindly head over to their site to read the full review. And make sure to read other reviews too for books that you need to add to your reading lists.

Literary Everything

The Book of PainGenre Poetry.

Blurb “Tope, in this amazing collection of poetry wows us with his ability to craft beautiful words into poetry that anyone can really enjoy. It has been a long time coming, but it’s worth the wait.”

Themes Heartbreak, Unfulfilled/Aborted Dreams, Sadness, Depression, Death, Loss, Despair and Intimacy.

Editing A few errors.

What worked? It’s poetry, so as usual, we write our reviews separately. The Book of Pain has 39 poems exploring themes around sadness and pain, except for the random poem about morning poo, Toilet Musings!

Mo As aptly titled, this collection of 39 poems is melancholic although, peppered with a few light-hearted poems. At its core is the feeling of despair. The style of the poems varies, there are several free verse poems and a few elegies. With his choice of words, Tope intends to evoke an emotional reaction from his readers.

The closing poem, Damaged…

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