Review of Ogundare Tope’s The Book of Pain

This is a book review of my poetry collection “The Book of Pain”

Sevhage Reviews

Book of Pain

Author: Ogundare Tope

Genre:                                      Poetry

Publisher: Sevhage

of Publication:

ISBN: 978-978-56266-8-1

of Pages:

Reviewer: Eugene Yakubu

The title The Book of Pain augurs a deceptive feeling of pessimism and hopelessness which prepares readers to delve into the collection with, but it however has themes which totally contrasts what the title denotes. It is important to note that Tope’s ingenuity with words gives him a certain level of curtness of imagination and precision of details whereby he is able to capture his ideas in the littlest words and space. Suffice to say most or virtually all the poems are written in abrupt stanzas and short and pithy lines. For the poet, happiness eludes humanity and life is a network of hurt and pain and disillusionment. He infuses mental images of vain hopes and aborted dreams by triggering the emotion…

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